The Uncommon Engineer

Project: Georgia Tech College of Engineering’s podcast, The Uncommon Engineer.

A strategic marketing and communications project to spotlight Georgia Tech’s connections to engineering-focused research across disciplines and industries.

2020 CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Award in Digital Communications: Podcasts (Frequent).

Eric led multiple roles for The Uncommon Engineer podcast.

  • Creative Lead. Produced plunderphonics-focused audio package; composed the intro, outro, and audio samples complementing the interview.
  • Web Lead. Produced an accessible, practical public repository for episodes and accompanying assets.
  • Strategic Lead. Managed podcast project scope, goals, and execution. Established success criteria, led iterative feedback methods to fine-tune and pivot planning and production. Founded the Geek Out ‘cutting room floor’ content for repurposing unused interview segments into specialized bonus episodes.


  • Partnered with Georgia Tech Alumni Association to repurpose archival videography into the podcast theme (an audio snippet from George C. Griffin) and Geek Out theme (a Jazz-influenced rendition of Ramblin’ Wreck).
  • Led the marketing and communications team to repurpose, cross-link, and promote the podcast episode in existing and upcoming features.
  • Led an iterative development and implementation process across the podcast’s lifespan, to incorporate feedback and coaching.


Angelos Keromytis episode feature with accompanying headshot, intro boilerplate, and 5 episode cover banner; screenshot
Annabelle Singer page with Steve McLaughlin and Singer bio, episode and geekout videos and transcripts, screenshot